Who am I?

Tsugumi Iwasaki

Hi, I am Tsugumi Iwasaki, an affiliate marketer. It might seem I do affiliate marketing for living, but I am not that professional to be honest. 

I was trapped in busy life style (part-time for studying) until I met this work-style. What I did was trading time for money, and  that was the only realistic way that I knew of before I educated myself on digital marketing and how to set up an online business.

My passions here is  to help like-minded people to maximize their own potentials by showing and teaching them that there are big opportunities in the digital world today. I was helped by same mentality mentors and so grateful about it now. What I can do for you here is just introducing the way which improved my quality of life and could improve your quality of life. I wish I could be a charisma who can change your life, but this is the only way I can reach out to you.



My Story


I was born in Japan back in 1999 and live with wonderful parents and two older brothers. I fortunately get education in one of the famous universities in Tokyo. What could be better??

My worldview has changed since I had stayed in slum in the Philippines for two months in 2017. I’ve been there following my curiosity that I had to see the poverty happening in other countries, but the life there was harsher than I expected.  I’ve eaten the goat which I saw eating the food garbage from drain one day before, I saw children pooing outside almost everyday. (sorry for vulgar content) Just spending 2 month there made me lose 2kg. Those experiences made me realize I took for granted what I had in daily life.  


I felt special connection to locals since they invited me warmly. They let me use the bank bed which most of them have no access to use and share their limited food with me. This boy who has the best smile gave me golden fish which used to be his best friend when I left his community. Of course, I gave it back to his parents because I had flight to my country. I learnt sharing spirit from them.

Since then, my life goal has been helping struggling people as many as possible. Plus, I will definitively go back to the Philippines and give back those who took care of me back in 2017. These two things are always in my mind, and they are my life goal.



I am so happy knowing that I am on my way to fulfill my goals while not caring about economical and geographical restriction because I can work with just a laptop and internet connection .





My Values


・Sharing and Open-mindness

I think the value should be shared and there is great value in sharing itself. I feel today’s world is controlled by prejudices, limiting beliefs and fear of things we do not understand. Just because I or anyone else wants to believe in something doesn’t make it true, and there is nothing wrong to be suspicious. However, I a lot can be learned if we open up to other people’s perspectives of things even though they go against our own. No one knows the whole truth, but by listening to many different perspectives and angles we can come much closer. Plus, I try to be the human who can share what I think beneficial for others. Sharing just gives me great feeling.

・Listen to myself and focus on it

I keep visualizing where I want to be in the future and what is important for me now. No matter how hard the life is, following my heart gives me persistence and true fulfillment, and I believe that it is the only way to find a meaningful life. If you think setting the goal is difficult 5 tips to find your life meaning.

・Learning from mentors(peers)

There is priceless value on masterminded individuals who understand the path you’re on because they’ve been there too. Benefit from their experience and the trial and error. There’s nothing like being able to leverage the experience and knowledge of others to cut through the learning curve and head right to the top of your game. Keep learning is important for your personal development and growth too.