Otaku is socially accepted in Japan?

otaku costume

Otaku (おたく/オタク) is a Japanese term for people with obsessive interests, particularly in anime and manga.

Yes, It is accepted in Japan. 

Then, why is this question raised in the first place?

The clue is hidden in cultural capital Japanese people have. Japanese people are ingrained to use “Honne” (本音), which is your true feelings and “Tatemae” (建前), which is the face you show to the world. People use them differently depending on situations. In most of the cases, “Honne” (true feeling) is for private spaces and”Tatemae” (modesty) is for public spaces. Basically, people in Japan do not speak or behave accordance with what they think in public. Conformity is (the act of matching behaviors) considered as virtue in Japan. (which I think is vice)

A lot of people are secretly Otaku in Japan

32% of Japanese people consistently watches anime and reads manga. They are just hiding the fact that they are Otaku in public!! Moreover what some Japanese people fails to understand is difference between cooperativity (協調性) which is the act of cooperation, and conformity (同調性) which is the act of matching behavior. However, the problem is not in people but in the language. If you say “being cooperative” in Japanese(協調性を持ちなさい)it means(implies) “adjust yourself for others” in English. 

I am proud of cooperative culture existing in Japan, but being cooperative is taken as doing same thing in some cases. Same thing can be said about otaku. Japanese people just try to adjust themselves in non-otaku society in public. 

Being different is awesome!!

I use porch if I do not have stuff that much, but what I hadn’t known was porch is globally speaking, not for men. (Men carry porch in Japan!!) I was kind of laughed at by friends in the international community, but I always told them open your minds!! If you do the same things like everyone else, you will have results like everyone else. That’s why I personally love being “otaku.” They have their niches, which is apparently their strength.

me wearing porch

(me wearing porch)

Most importantly, otaku is not associated with negative impression in Japan. According to “what do Japanese people think of when they hear the word “otaku”?, there is no negative impression people have about otaku.


Additionally, I want to talk about why I respect otaku people. It is the fact that they do what they want to do. Moreover, some of them make money by doing that. They are creating life and business around their passion, which is my goal as well as what I support people to do. If you want to build business around your passion like otaku, I love to share my experience. Please contact me through here or give me comment below.

See you for the next time!!


what do Japanese people think of when they hear the word “otaku”?

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