Will robots take over your jobs?

AI takes over the jobs??

The answer is Yes and No


Monotonous work can be stolen easily by robots. There used to be 7 million farmers and 8 million factory workers in the US back in 1970, but the new technology took it over.

It’s not only about monotonous work. Automation of driving traffic and human level of speech recognition was thought as almost impossible mission at the beginning of 21st century. The potential of new technology is unpredictably high.

Technically speaking, the number of the microprocessor in the computer increases exponentially. What does that mean? Today, AI processes a task way faster than that of last year or last month. AI keeps getting smarter.

*An AI is a computer program designed for tasks normally requiring human intelligence, while a robot is a machine that completes complex tasks. AI could be implemented in the machine.



Will robots take over your jobs?


When it comes to the total number of the job in the economy, I would say no. New technology creates new jobs in other industries. Plus, lower price created by new technology stimulates the people to spend more money, which leads to more jobs. Here is the new jobs which cognizant think is going to appear.

In terms of social intelligence and critical thinking, AI is said to be impossible to get close to human level. There is no empirical experience in AI. (I don’t think I truly understand what the super ball means for American until I’ve experienced it) Similar to culture, AI understands matter superficially, not deeply.


How can we survive in new technology era?

Find out

  • growing market (online rather than physical)
  • New technology involved industry (sustainable energy)
  • Human-specific jobs (Doctor, nurse, engineer)
  • Start sub-career just in case (affiliate marketing)


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