What am I doing with my life? Find your life meaning.

Find your life meaning

Imagine the most important person for you, and the person is programmed to go back and force to work or school, following ambition or try to achieve something, but the person doesn’t like that life style. Later, the person gets sick and dying. What do you think if the person say “what if my life has been wrong” at the end of his/her life.

This is the outline of “Death of Ivan Ilyich” written by Leo Tolstoy. This ending somehow resonated with me and made me think I could be the one saying that words. If you feel connection to this story somehow, reading this blog is worthwhile.

Gratitude and Victimness cannot coexist
-What you have is meaningful enough-

I hated my life when I was studying for university exam, and lost the meaning of my life. What I did was different from what I wanted to do, and this made my mind negative.

According to Nothing Changes Until You Do (Mike Robbins, 2015), it is impossible to feel bad when you are in the state of gratitude. He also stated that writing down several things you are grateful for everyday can make you feel better about your life, plus it could lead to fewer health complaints, and increased exercise.

In retrospect, I could have thought about my mom waking up earlier to cook my breakfast and lunch box or thought about my dad giving me a ride when it was rainy. There was tons of gratitude I could have felt!!!

1. Write down several things you are grateful for, and make it everyday custom.

Gratitude changes your life

-Success generates neither meaningful nor happy life-

Shawn Achor stated in his TED Speech that “Every time your brain has a success, you just changed the goalpost of what success looked like.” In this sense, you cannot feel fulfilled forever just by achieving success. This is the down spiral of working hard to be happy. However, Shawn explained that every business outcome actually improved by enhancing the level of positivity in the present. People are being happy to be successful, and it worked in every business he researched!!! What he recommended to do to be in positive state is

2. (1.) Write down several things you are grateful for and happy about happened in last 24 hours everyday.

3. Do not just associate social success with meaningful and happy life, it’s bullshit!!

What is meaningful life for you?

Combination of long-term and short-term gain contributes to meaningful life

If you eat an unhealthy but tasty hamburger, it brings you short-term pleasure but has the opposite effect on your long-term pleasure. This hamburger analogy was stated by Dr. Ben-Shahar who is famous for positive psychology at Harvard. Enriching both short-term pleasure and long-term pleasure makes you fulfilled.

4. Gain your short-term fulfillment

  • Eat what you like
  • Do what you like
  • Interact with people
  • Sleep as much as you like
  • Travel or hike alone, and find out what you take for granted everyday, but is critical for you

5. Gain long-term fulfillment

・Think about where your passion comes from

I recommend not to follow passion if the passion comes from the perspective of social status. Again, being successful in society doesn’t guarantee meaningful life.

・Learn about yourself

What is your interest? What are you good at? Sometimes, your close friend or family knows about you better. It doesn’t hurt to ask them.
Shake up your life by doing something different. Going outside of your comfort zone, and new things are going to rewire your brains. 30 days challenge is good exercise to shake up your life. You can do 30 days caffeine free challenge, vegan challenge, plastic free challenge, and so on. If you cannot afford to do that, keep doing your journal what you are happy about and grateful for everyday. You can see what is important for you in next month in your journal.

・Invent your own life meaning!!!

You can take action and find your life meaning.

What is life for you?

Life is ups and downs!!

Dr. Ben-Shahar argues in his book (Happier) that happiness is something you work towards your whole life, and an expectation of constant happiness is unreasonable. Everybody has ups and downs.

What is meaningful life for this blogger?

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